Ecopatris Activism Group Amsterdam

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We have three goals:

  1. Mobilising bigger crowds, enabling activists to stand up for what they believe in.
  2. Helping people find out how they can make a difference.
  3. Creating a reserve/back-up group to help out activist organisations in need.

We should not have to choose between causes. As intersectional activists, we want to stand up against all injustice, but no one human being can keep track of all the activism happening in Amsterdam. By having multiple organisations represented in our membership, we can create an overview, allowing intersectional activists to stay up to date and help various movements when they have the time and energy.

Your contribution has value. No matter how small, unique or hidden. Every contribution has value. If you choose to join us, we will not burden you with unfair expectations. You know your abilities best. Whether you are a rebel on the streets, an administrative assistant, a creative artist or anything else: you are welcome here as long as you agree with our main values.

Ecopatris AG is still very young, but as we grow we truly believe we can make a difference. We hope to help make activism more intersectional and diverse. Let us help you amplify your voice!

Shareable images

You can help us grow our movement even if you can't join! Share these images with anyone you know and encourage them to check our website and forward the message. Click on an image to download it.


Our calendar is intended to include actions organised by various organisations that take place either in/near Amsterdam or online.

Join us

To join us, contact Alexis.

Alexis Emmalyn Jayden Umlevias

Contact Alexis for any questions.

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